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Welcome to the British Gas Energy Trust online application form.

This year’s Energy Support Fund is now closed. If you submitted your application before the fund closed, we will confirm the outcome of your application as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can log into your account below to check the status of your application.

If you have a pre-payment meter and have arrears on your account of up to £2,000 you can still apply to the Individuals and Families Fund. However, this year’s Individuals and Families Fund is closed for Credit account customers.

Before continuing to create an account to apply, please read the information below, which explains the criteria for the fund and the documents you will need to complete the application form.

Individuals and Families Fund – Open to Pre-Payment Meter customers only

The Individual and Families Fund is open to pre-payment meter customers only. It is now closed to credit account customers. You do not need to be a British Gas customer to apply for this fund - you can be a British Gas Customer, or a customer from another supplier with arrears of up to £2,000*. However, we want to ensure that grants go to people who cannot access energy debt help from their own provider.

The following suppliers - OVO, Boost, Eon, Eon Next, EDF, Scottish Power, Octopus, Shell Energy, SSE and have their own funds to support their customers, so if you are a customer of one of these companies please apply to them directly.

For British Gas customers, your balance will be verified with British Gas as part of the application process and if it exceeds the arrears threshold of £2,000, your application will be declined.

To be considered for a grant you must meet the following criteria. If you cannot tick all boxes your application will not progress to assessment –

• You are a pre-payment meter customer living in England, Scotland or Wales;

• You have not received a grant from the British Gas Energy Trust within the last 2 years;

• You have a household income of less than £18,723 or someone in the household is registered disabled and receives a disability benefit or receives Carers Allowance or has 3+ children.

• You must be seeking a grant to clear an outstanding debt on a current or open gas, electricity or dual fuel energy account in your name and the energy account must relate to your main residence. If your application is successful, your energy account will be credited with the grant. Please note the British Gas Energy Trust does not award cash payments;

• You have electric and/or gas debt. The British Gas Energy Trust will only consider clearing arrears in full, partial payments cannot be considered;

• You must be in or facing Fuel Poverty; and

• You have received money advice/ guidance within the last 3 months. If you have not received money advice/ guidance, please use our trusted partner's self help Benefit Calculator tool at It only takes 5 minutes and will help you identify missing income whilst providing you with budgeting advice and energy saving tips.

In order to support your application, we will need the following;

• Proof of all household income.

• Proof of money advice or money guidance received in the last 3 months (e.g. a letter confirming that advice or guidance has been provided, or a standard financial statement, or Personal Action Plan or equivalent evidence of an income and expenditure budget exercise). If you have not received money advice/ guidance, please use our trusted partner's self help Benefit Calculator tool at It only takes 5 minutes and will help you identify missing income whilst providing you with budgeting advice and energy saving tips. You can then upload your budget summary to you application to evidence you have now received money advice/ guidance from Ask Bill. Please ensure the document you upload shows your full name, we cannot accept documents where no name is displayed. Alternatively, please visit to find your nearest money advice or guidance agency. Your application will be declined if you cannot evidence you have received money advice/ guidance so please do not apply.

• British Gas customers - a meter read for your gas and/or electric account (unless you have a smart meter). If you are unsure how to read your meter, please read the following guide

• Other energy supplier customers - a bill based on actual readings dated within 4 weeks, showing your name, account number or supply address OR an email from your energy supplier dated within four weeks that confirms your name, account number, supply address, outstanding balance and confirmation the balance is based on actual readings. If you are unsure whether your bill is based on actual readings, please click on the following link for a guide on how to read your bill.

• Electric bill

• Gas bill

Please ensure you have these ready to upload when completing your application. You will not be able to submit your application without attaching the documents listed above. Applications submitted with insufficient information will be declined.

Further information regarding how to stay updated with the progress of your application, assessment time and more will be available once you have submitted your application.

The British Gas Energy Trust reserves the right to close the application portal with little or no notice once funds have been expended.


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